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Engage customers, Increase productivity, cut costs, drive new revenue channels - Combination of Web and mobile is transforming and disrupting the status quo across all industries.

No matter what industry or use case (B2B, B2E, B2C), Salaro has the resources to help you build a cost effective web platform for you to outpace your competitors.

But you have to get started somewhere. Don't start from scratch. Salaro can accelerate your app delivery - you just focus on your apps, while we've got your backend.

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Desktop applications don't cut it for the different line of businesses you run, for example; the sales or service rep on the go. Mobile is now central to the equation - it's not optional.

Both front office and back office productivity gains are being driven by contextualizing the user experience. Deliver relevant information on the fly, enabling responsive scheduling, on-site instructions, and real-time work order management.

No matter what your industry (logistics, HVAC, manufacturing, pharma, food service, etc), if you have a field sales or service team, you need to mobilize it now. Your competitors are already focusing on mobile enablement to gain competitive advantage - if you don't you'll be left behind.


Mobile is the fastest growing channel for the financial services industry, both consumer and commercial. But with expectations being set by consumer apps and the rapidly evolving standards for security and compliance, it's hard to be responsive and agile while still maintaining trust. That's where Salaro can help.

Salaro provides the comprehensive platform your developers want and your IT team needs in the financial industry.

Proven DNNplatform that manages the web content management system with end to end encryption and secure identity and data links to mobile platform Up-to-date features to support existing and emerging app needs Online forums to build community and loyalty Empowering for developers to enable rapid application development with the tools of their choice Fully managed with your choice of deployment model: on our cloud or yours.


The Affordable Care and HITECH Acts, an aging population, and new mobile and wearable technologies are driving clinical and business changes across the healthcare industry. The focus is on making life easier for the patient, practitioners, pharmacists, insurance companies, and everyone involved.
Data needs to flow seamlessly and - most importantly - securely to the end-user, and be ready to access at a moment's notice. This is why everything from personal care, to wellness management, to prescription fulfillment is moving to mobile.

Salaro can help you:
Launch innovative, effective applications to streamline patient processes and create new revenue channels.
Offload management and maintenance overhead to us with a fully managed DNNplatform that can live on our cloud yours or Amazon/Azure cloud.
Seamlessly and easily connect to existing backend systems of record to mobilize patient data and provide anytime, anywhere access.


Enterprises are not just B2B focused. Many target the consumer market as their mainstay. Media and Entertainment companies rely on having engaged, happy users to make their applications successful and profitable.

Typically, entertainment-focused companies do not specialize in maintenance of applications. The product lifecycle in this industry is project-based, and the overhead of maintaining servers for older products is a drain on valuable resources.

Salaro takes the pain out of the process, providing a managed solution. We do the monitoring so that you can make a beautiful application that users love. Even better, we provide the largest breadth of front end frameworks in the market so you can offer your application across any device you want to target.


Many of us grew up thinking we knew what it meant to "go to school." In the past, just about every student would pile up their books, but just how many of them are actually necessary to teach students in the modern age. The old ways has been brought into question by an almost singular sensation: mobile technology. Specifically, the mobile application has allowed online schooling - even for public schools at the high school level to become a serious option combined with allowing a much better real time interactions between schools, students and parents.

Mobile applications are not just responsible for changing how school is taught outside the classroom, but inside it as well. The range of uses varies as widely as Garage Band for iPad in music class to experiencing entire course curriculums in iTunes U as well as better communication with kids and parents throughout the child schooling life.

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One thing is clear: Through the power of mobile apps, the traditional EDUCATION" is about to change in a major way. But the real excitement is still ahead, and it's where schools need to be the most flexible. Other mobile app innovations not only promise to enhance class participation, but could become the digital framework for school curriculum and also the way school communicates with students and parents in the future.

In this century, it is the schools that recognize the potential of mobile app technology that will be able to best utilize it and improve their curriculum as well as communication with the students and parents. Mobile apps represent a potential breakthrough in the way kids can learn and both kids and parents can be empowered to be more engaged with the school. Mobile apps need to become a part of education on a systemic level if kids are going to learn efficiently in the Information Age.

Talk to Salaro and let us explain more about what we can do for you.


One of the fastest moving industries in the world of mobile is the retail space. Sometimes, it's difficult to tell whether a customer is purchasing in-store on their mobile device or remotely.

The world of retail is increasingly moving to the cloud, and purchasing systems have needed to modernize. A further concern for the retail market is security. With so many transactions in the cloud, many worry about the safety of customer data.

Salaro can help. We offer a secure solution that can be deployed as a managed service solely for the retail enterprise, ensuring your customer's safety while reducing overhead. We take the stress out of having to monitor backend systems and provide the largest variety of mobile frameworks in the market to offer front-end flexibility.


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