Streamline web content management

Your web site is one of your most valuable assets. At Salaro we recognize that Medium to Large Enterprise may require Commercial solutions to have piece of mind that every aspect of the solution is backed up by a ongoing subscription and therefore, they can rely on long term support. At Salaro we also support award-winning Content Management System (CMS) like Evoq Content that helps bring your website to life with captivating content and engaging interactions together with some of the coolest third party add ons that can accelerate Aplication build. CMS users can add and edit content through a standard browser with no IT support. Request free consultation to evaluate your requirements.


Cross platform development

Appcelerator Titanium development is an open, extensible development environment for creating beautiful native apps across different mobile devices and OSs including iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry, as well as hybrid and HTML5. It includes an open source SDK with over 5,000 device and mobile operating system APIs, Studio, a powerful Eclipse-based IDE, Alloy, an MVC framework and Cloud Services for a ready-to-use mobile back-end.

iMOBDEV has been working on Titanium development since the day one and have added wide knowledge in developing superior mobile apps using Titanium. We can also optimize your existing iOS, android and blackberry application to other operating systems for you to take advantage of the high competition in the market.


Advanced Customized PPC consultancy

PPC reviews of current accounts and we would look at:

  • Analyse PPC best practice and see which ones your account passes and where it fails
  • Look at Settings, and advise if defaults are holding you back
  • Review your CTR
  • Review Ad Position
  • Ad Variations and Copy
  • Look at opportunities in Keyword Match types
  • Keyword Placement
  • Bids
  • Ad Rank
  • Review Quality Score
  • Go through your Search Report to see if you have wasted spend
  • Advise on Negative Keywords
  • Review Ad Extensions
  • Review Conversions

Our consultants can help you in the creation of the account and campaign if PPC is not an avenue you have explored before and we can help you with the following;

Forecasting: Initial thoughts on how much traffic and revenue could potentially be driven

Strategy: What strategy within PPC advertising would fit the client best looking at their business model etc...

Campaign creation and implementation: Setting up the campaigns adding keywords and making ads etc...

Servicing: Making sure the account stays in the best condition, therefore, looking at the steps from point 1 about reviewing.

Enterprise Solutions

The commercial add-ons on top of DNN Platform are built to enable extra functionalities when needed. Whether exchanging ideas, identifying coding defects, or contributing code and designs, thousands of individuals have worked together using the open source model over the past decade to refine and extend the DNN platform. As long time partners and community advocates we can pair you with the best components. Be sure to talk to us first about license discounts to get the best value for your budget.



Application Development

The IT landscape is changing from new devices, to new platforms, new communication tools and to new approaches. Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service? How do you find, integrate and adapt this technology fast enough to your online web presence to keep your customer content'ed?

Salaro installs on-premise or in the cloud or your preferred hosting provider, following best practice based on years of experience to ensure optimum security, reliability and performance. Take Salaro's Content Management System strategies to your customers today!



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