Content Managed Web Solution with a Paypal Store

The Store module can easily be installed and personalized. The Store is a DotNetNuke module that allows you to easily configure an ecommerce store for use to sell products and even services using your DotNetNuke Portal. The Store supports products, categories, shopping cart, shipping fees, taxes, multiple gateways, and easy to configure templates to control the look and feel of the Store modules.

To sum it up, Store offers DotNetNuke administrators, module developers, and site designers a powerful, flexible and easy to use ecommerce store front, in the spirit of the DotNetNuke platform itself.

DNN Hosting, Responsive Design, Paypal Store for £18 ($30) per months with £300 setup costs.
Ecommerce demo

Revindex is founded by individuals who are passionate about the Internet. We're honest folks who just wants to make sure you get a predictable and enjoyable shopping experience. We're equally frustrated with badly implemented software sold by other companies that we challenge ourselves to build better quality software. Let us know how to improve!

We're a small profitable growing division of a larger company hiring the unusual talents working from around the world. If you're interested to work with us, please send us your resume. For sales and support questions, please use our Support Ticket system to ensure you receive timely response.

Hundreds of businesses and government agencies worldwide from the small corner shop to big corporations like Target, Transcontinental, EastLink and Yamaha trust our expertise, products and services to help them excel at what they do best

Responsive Ecommerce Services

Revindex is not for the faint of heart and is designed for programmers wanting an e-commerce storefront. It’s the most complex module on the market when it comes to customization, but that comes at a cost of time and learning curve. If you want something fast and simple stay away from this module. If you want your storefront to look *exactly* the way you want it and are willing to learn some XSL – this is your best option.

Revindex has a pre-requisite module that must be installed first (the AkaxControlToolkit), otherwise it’s a one module install. Once you get it installed you create one page (the storefront admin) and drop the revindex module on it... that’s when it gets a bit confusing and you better hit the docs.

This module is *NOT* for the average DNN Admin... heck – I’m not an average admin and I’m not sure I have the knowledge to work this thing. The basics are covered through your normal suite of checkboxes and configuration tools… but if you *really* want to do anything with this module you will need to learn some XSL. All the advanced features of this module are only configurable via XSL Transforms which will relegate usage of this module to programmers primarily.

The documentation is found on their site in the form of a downloadable PDF but once you get past the initial setup it’s more of a broad overview on each section than a detailed explanation of the fields. There is also a video guide on setting up the site. Inline help is available within the module to explain a few fields.

So technically, with the XSL transform you can apparently do anything (maybe even fire an event that will shoot your e-commerce store around the globe in a time traveling rocketship), but “I ain’t got that knowledge”.

Customization to me is defined as the ability to change the look of the product as well as the general flow via portal based templates. Customizations should be preserved though every product upgrade and do not require editing anything outside of the portal root.

Scalability to me is the ability for the product to scale in two distinct areas. These are not reflections of performance or hardware required but simply the ability for the product to exist and operate in these two scenarios.

  • Does it support multiple instance/store/portals?
  • How will the user interface work with 10,000 products?
ECommerce for DNN Platform

Business Web is based on DNN Platform packed with e-Marketing opportunities!

  • Easy to use

  • Any design

  • e-Marketing built in

  • A CMS web site with flexible and unique designs for your online profile.

  • Professional newsletter engine

  • Advanced Search, and easy navigation

  • Social networking features; Blogs, news, announcements and more.


Business Web shop comes with everything you need to sell online..

  • Easy to use hosted Web shop

  • Any design, or choose a template

  • Search Engine friendly

  • Alternative product views

  • Flexible functionality - categorys per page or all in one shop.

  • International Trading

  • The classic amazon feature is automatically updated depending on the shopper purchases in your shop.


Business Web shop Mamut is fully integrated into Mamut Business Software!

  • Easy to use hosted web shop

  • Your data taken from Mamut

  • Any design, or choose a template

  • Amazing web 2.0 features

  • Comprehensive search capabilities of products

  • Multi language support

  • Fully customizable design & layout

  • Customer subscription management,

  • real time shipping rate calculation and package tracking with UPS and USPS.

  • Multiple stores can share the same database.



Smart Responsive Design that can render your site to all shapes of devices has now been around for a while. There are numerous blogs and discussions about the subjects on the web. With more and more people asking for e-commerce sites that are also good on smartphone devices, we thought to do some extra work and work with Catalook and our partners Excommerce to bring the Responsive solution to DNN 7 and Catalook.

This approach dictates that design and development of the site should be done in a way that the products can respond to the user's behavior and environment based on their screen size, platform and orientation. The practice consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries and clever use of Java Script and JQuery. The problem is that this approach relies on the more advanced and modern browsers like Chrome, IE9 or later, FireFox, Opera and Safari. Older browsers can behave rather unexpectedly. But in general it is a small price to pay for opting to be in the forefront of technology and bringing your site up-to-date with current trends. One good thing is that on the smartphones all the browsers are advanced and can deal with responsive design.

In summary, whatever the end user is using to view the products - laptop, Android device, iPad etc... The products you are selling will automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities of the device and browser it runs on with minimum effort. Therefore the site will be able to automatically respond to the user's preferences. This new approach eliminates the need to have dedicated micro sites for various devices and screen sizes. The result is that you can now reach the fast growing mobile device users and get them to purchase your products, on the train, at work or in a bar and anywhere that they have time to be indulgent.

I thought I should also be honest and give you some of the caveats of this approach. But in total, you will find that the pain of producing two site with one for desktops and one for smartphones far out-way the benefits of one site for your product approach.


  • You will save time & money

  • Adapts to fit any shaped device

  • Advantage over Competition with Traditional shop

  • Your site will be relevant for longer

  • No need to create expensive Apps

  • The store module is refined to deal with all this for you


  • Navigation is not as easy as desktops 

  • Data tables should be added with care 

  • Old versions of IE the page is will not look great 

  • Longer testing time but still less than doing two sites


In addition to this, DNN has also ability to have a great splash page that allows you to create a very advanced animation when people first come to your store and then move them to the standard homepage. This approach was very popular around 2004-2008 using Flash and most fashion sites used this to wow their customers.  So now this can be done with HTML 5 type animation and we plan to show you this approach in the next few weeks.

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