Sharing Ventrian News and Blog Module Across Child Portals

Adaptive Design may require a dedicated mobile site so to avoid having to repeat blogs and news articles twice - please use this module. Create your blog or news articles only once on the main portal and share it in child portals or the dedicated mobile child portal.

Adaptive Design approach is gaining ground to work with Responsive Design because, not every page on the site is right for Responsive design. Sometimes, the page size is way too large or perhaps the size of the modules are too large - therefore it is far easier to have two or even 3 pages to cater for Smartphones, Tablets and Desktops. When this approach is used, one does not want to repeat some content 3 times on 3 pages and this module can help since once setup then the administrator only needs to update on parent page and slaves automatically pick up the content.

This is easily done with the main blog site holding all the news and blog articles and child portals using the slave module.

Use senarios

1 - Sites with multiple child portals wanting to share content across portals - update only on the parent portal and the child portal automatically has the existing News Articles

2 - Micro sites on child portal that want to share selective content from the parent portal.

  • Easy to use and install.
  • It is compatible with DNN 6.X and 7.x.
Sample Screenshot
Main Portal View


Edit View


Child Portal View



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