We're only Human

 We're a team of makers, thinkers, artists, coders, creators and managers.
We're serious about delivering great outcomes.

Web design and development is all about being creative whilst giving personal service that’s helpful, friendly and gets things done. 

We make sure everything we create is designed for your needs, using advanced, scalable solutions on tried and tested Microsoft Platform Servers. 

Salaro Web Agency has been established over 11 years ago in London.
We pride ourselves on providing high quality, very customer focused
web design and on-line marketing services to all customers.
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Salaro Team

Pondichery Office

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Hannover Germany

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Lake Garda, Italy

In addition to our UK and US office we have a dedicated 12 member team of
designers, skin and template coders, C# developers in the beautiful
Pondichery office that all together can provide almost 24/7 support in any time zone.
We’re a website design, creative and development agency based near Guildford, Surrey. Businesses that want to strengthen their old and new mobile web with recognized brand and grow their profits come to us for upgrading their web presence to modern design whilst the content is manageable.

Since 2003, our talented team has worked with small and large businesses in almost every sector, around the globe creating websites, e-commerce shops, CMS systems, Mobile Apps, brand identities and much more.

Why choose Salaro
We’re going to tell you lots of lovely reasons to use us, but you might want to just see the number of clients we worked with in the last 15 years around the globe. 
Choosing an agency is never an easy choice, what if they don’t deliver on time? What if you don’t like the design? What if the website doesn't  work? What if… What if… As Jim Morrison once said, there are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors. We are simply asking you to open a door and find out what we can do for you.
We use strict, transparent project management tools and processes’, communicating regularly with clients so everyone is kept in the picture in 3 continent and therefore can usually maintain 24/7 support. This makes sure projects get delivered on time and on budget.

Salaro’s team have been designing and building brands under DigiColour brand during 1990s and since 2003, our digital skills have been honed over a decades with hundreds of successful campaigns and websites behind us and many more in our future. We have worked across almost every sector, some for more than a decade, such as Hospitality, Retail, Finance, Professional Services, Estate Agents and Manufacturing. 
Local Area Covered in London South East of UK with office in Guildford, Surrey

You speak, we listen.  Contact us now.

  • Head Office:
    Guildford, UK

  • Development Office:
    Pondicherry, India

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